The simplest way to know your town ordinances.

LIA is a simple tool that gives you information on the ordinances being implemented on your neighboorhood.

  • Relevant: Each ordinance is placed in a location where most violations happen, thus it becomes relevant to each user.
  • Accessible: You can access LIA from either your desktop or through your tablet device.
  • HTML5-Compatible: LIA is using UIKit , one of the latest HTML5 Frameworks available; and LeafletJS , a modern open-source JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps. This means that LIA can be viewed using modern browsers available on the market.
  • Fork-able: LIA is under the MIT License , which means you can make your own LIA for your specified neighborhood. We have a simple development guide which will help you to do so.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is LIA all about?

LIA is a visual guide on an enacted ordinance that aims to eradicate confusion regarding such ordinances. This will then make it easier for the people to know that there's an ordinance in their area, whether if it's for environmental, security or other purposes.

What does LIA feature?

LIA features the common ordinances that people usually violate without them even noticing it.

Who are the viewers/beneficiaries of LIA?

The main priority of LIA is the youth who has access with the internet, and also those people who do not have time to spare going on to their barangay halls just to know the ordinances. The idea for LIA came because of our concern for our fellows.

How to Use LIA?

LIA is really simple: First, find your location. Once you have found your location, look for a marker. Click on that marker to see the indicated ordinance.

What makes it different among other websites?

Most websites nowadays were commonly used for communication, social networking, pictures, etc. LIA is more not concerned with the social status of every person, as it's all about helping the citizens to minimize the rate of violated ordinances.

Is there any posibilities for LIA to grow broader and have other cities to be contained in its purpose?

Yes — and we need your help. What you can do is (1) understand our development guide and add additional information, (2) send us information about your barangay ordinance, or (3) Make your own LIA. That way, we can help everyone know each neighborhood's ordinances (and we'll take a visit to your own LIA as well).

Is LIA recognized by the government?

At this moment, no. But once you got to tell them that there's this thing called LIA, they might change their minds. :)

Can I use this on my smartphone?

Definitely. Unlike those you see at the Apple App Store or Google Play, LIA was designed to be a stand-alone web application that you can bookmark to your home screen as well.

Is each ordinance accurate?

Yes. We took effort in plotting out each ordinance which is relevant to your area, so rest assured that LIA has the most accurate information possible. If we got it wrong, then don't hesitate to tell our project manager pronto and we'll thank you for that.

Excuse me, Sir, but I found a bug.

Contact our project manager via email for any bugs that you will see via email or send a tweet on Twitter with #LIAapp.

I'm using any other browser sans the latest Google Chrome, and I did see some bugs. What gives?

There's this problem with the <details> tag - it's only the latest Google Chrome and WebKit on iOS 5 that renders these efficiently. We recommend you to use the browsers mentioned for the meantime.

I'm a web developer. How can I contribute to LIA?

If you're a web developer who would like to contribute, you can fork the jayagonoy/lia repository on GitHub and send a pull request.

I'm interested to feature LIA to the public. How shall I contact you?

Contact our project manager via email as he has the full details on the development of this application. Since the team is also busy with their studies, it might take a day or two to respond.

The Team

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    Jay Agonoy

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    DJ Dela Cruz

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    Epi Ariate

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